Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to Agility

Finally...... Back to an Agility Class and Brutus has something productive to do.  It's a more laid back class, 1 dog in the fenced in area at a time, and you can do whatever you want.  One other female dog, Scout, was there when we got there.  Muzzled Brutus and what do you know..... not even a peep out of him.  Right to the fence to visit Scout, and was great the rest of the day.  I guess Brutus has a new girlfriend!

Agility class started great!  Brutus remembered everything.  He had no problem with the jumps and cleared them all the first time through.  He walked the teeter and walk it no problem, jumped through the ring..... everything great!  Unfortunetly...... it was kinda hot and sunny out there, so he tired out pretty quickly, but still proceded to give it his best.  He had a few breaks in the creek that he enjoyed, and cooled off a bit.  Wrapped up the session with some free run time which was LONG over due.  He flew around the grass free as a bird...... !!!!!!!  Great day for him.  He's still huffing and puffing... but still not too tired to bark out the front house windows at passerbys!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Brutus peeks out door

So Brutus has so mant issues with people walking by and fur going past the front window that I now stooped to the cardboard in the window.  The door... only partially open because he likes to pound on that too.  As you see... he is still trying to peek out!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

You are suppose to be IN the cage not ON the cage !

So this is where Brutus ends up when someone, especially a dog walks by our window.  I thought by putting his cage in front of the window that it would keep him from growling out the window.... boy was I wrong.  Who knew that a 106 pound Rottie could be so agile!!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ear Infections & L-Theanine

Been a long time and have been struggling with Brutus and ear infections.  The week before his neuter he was at the vet for his vaccines and a left ear infection.  Ear was treated and then his right ear became infected.  Used the tri-otic for the right ear with no success.  Back to the vet and was found to have both yeast and cocci bacteria in his ears.  The left ear once again became infected.  New medications..... 2 meds, 1 hour apart, twice a day for 21 days.  A nightmare of cleaning and struggling with Brutus!  Back to the vet again... because after a week, no improvement.  Cleaned ears, exam, a shot for swelling and back to the 2 meds.  Wow.... is this ever going away??????

Some new news..... started Brutus on L-Theanine.  100 Mg twice a day.  L-Theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves, and is used to reduce mental and physical stress. It raises dopamine levels, and is believed to raise serotonin levels. It is also being studied to determine its ability to promote greater concentration and alertness.  It should be used for at least 60 days. It is marketed as being especially helpful for dogs with fear-related behaviors, especially in the presence of other dogs or people, and their studies have found at 60% reduction in the intensity of anxiety symptoms.  Hopeful that I will see some good results in a few weeks.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Day after Neuter

Brutus is doing much better today.  He is definatly taking it easy compared to his "normal" self.  He started his antibiotic and pain meds this morning.  His appetite is back to normal too.  He is moving around a lot better too, although you can definatly tell his hind end is sore.  His butt is looking quite funny, not only are things missing, but its shaved too!  :)  Today he even attempted to play with Bailey although you can tell it's much more subdued than usual.  He has started jumping on the chair again to look out of the window, and I've even heard him bark a little today too. 

According to a response on the Rottweiler forums.... neutering at 15 months should not  affect his size or maturity.  Neutering after 12 months MAY decrease his chance of developing bone cancer. Intact or neutered, this breed is very prone to bone cancer, so we have to just keep our fingers crossed that Brutus has a long and wonderful life!

Also heard that I should know in about a week or so if the neutering has helped calm him down.